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gestaltung TH Köln

conceptual architecture + design


we focus on innovative design processes for real, virtual, and hybrid spaces, from the initial abstract thought to potential concrete realization. the purpose is to create meaningful atmospheres that provide the spatial framework for the perception and interaction of humans and their environment. we use inspiration and new tech-nologies from other (design-)disciplines, at whose interfaces we look for new real, virtual and hybrid approaches to the design of space and objects.

students develop various strategies and methods for the conceptual derivation of designing real, virtual, and hybrid spaces. considering the advancing intermingling of the analog and digital, they are enabled to explore, understand, and co-create the complex structure between human, space and time. by applying processual, adaptive, interconnected, and participatory approaches, students learn to translate their abstract ideas into concrete applications and activate the space.

methodological knowledge is experimentally conveyed and acquired through both practice-based and theory-based teaching and learning formats - ‚learning by doing‘ and ‚design by research‘. the students are empowered to implement, communicate, and discuss their concepts through analog, digital, and increasingly mixed working methods and tools. we are operating in hybrid spatial research in the attached laboratory ´space+ lab´ with the students.


gestaltung - 6 thesis

gestaltung ist haltung - it is fundamental for all designers to take position. we do not navigate in an
empty space, but are anchored in a certain epoch with its specific factors. we have to position ourselves in the field of design and always reflect on what we do, why, how and for whom we are designing.


gestaltung is political - designers can act politically with their work. if we face the important questions from real life, design can not only be design, but also a transformer for existing political structures and  processes. public space in particular serves as a creative field for the fabric of society.


gestaltung is chance - existing archetypes can be reconsidered and changed depending on the type of its design. this can provoke new behaviors or even new livestyles. new spacial configurations can turn things upside down and enforce to reflect on ones own existence.


gestaltung is creativity - design is a creative activity. we invent, reject and are always looking for innovation, originality, the right size and atractive aesthetics. design is the greatest joy and fulfillment
- paired with restlessness and suffer at the same time.


gestaltung is passion - the driving force for good design is the inner urge to work creatively. passion restlessly searches for the inner soul of the framework made of reason and rules.


gestaltung is poetry - good design tells a story. while the poet puts the essential and beautiful into words, the designer chooses form as his language. the initially abstract poetic idea becomes a narrative object.




prof dr. nadine zinser-junghanns


2024            research semester about AI in architecture+design l shanghai l CN

since 2013  professorship I gestaltung I TH Köln I D

2011-12       teaching assistant I institute for emerging technologies I TU Munich I D

2011            foundation of workbench21

2008-11       phd ´architecture + transportation design´ in cooperation with BMW

2006-11       teaching assistant I institute for architecture + product design I TU Munich I D

2003-05       junior architect I alfredo arribas I daniel modol I olga subiros I barcelona I E

2003            diploma architecture I TU Stuttgart I D

2002            internship I mgt architects I sydney I AU

2001          scholarship I academia di architettura I mendrisio I CH

1997-2003   studies in architecture I TU Stuttgart I D




ma carolin schabbing

ma marcello bonon



ba theo zenker

ba francis cüppers


former tutors:

vincent weisbrod

kim nguyen

rafael chroboczek