Nadine Zinser-Junghanns

gestaltung L TH Köln

architecture + design

ma l ´a(i)_versum´



in the field of architecture and design, AI is being used increasingly often. while most applications are still in the pioneering stage, their enormous potential is now unmistakable. it is important to explore the sensible, appropriate, and high-quality use of AI in the design of space and objects: max fraser, editorial director at ´Dezeen´, puts it as follows: ´we sit on the cusp of a new era, pondering the vast potential opportunities as well as the existential crises that may be enabled by AI.´ the aim of the short design project is to articulate and visualize an individual's perspective on the future with AI. are we moving towards a utopian world or heading for a dystopian future?


the students show their a(i)_vision in a series of images with four different scales: a(i)_chair, a(i)_house, a(i)_quarter and a(i)_city. they were allowed to completely forego floor plans, elevations, and sections, and combine their own image generation with AI.