gestaltung TH Köln  nadine zinser-junghanns


augmented and virtual reality lab

what is virtual space, how does it feel, how can it be designed and where are its limits? we are dealing with these questions in the space + lab and examine the computer-aided expansion of reality with up-to-date VR and AR technologies.

we research - on existing and fictive, virtual and real objects and spaces.
we create - possible and impossible objects and spaces.
we feel - virtual sensations of spaces and atmospheres.
we transfer - virtual objects and spaces into reality and back.
we activate - spaces and objects with augmented realities.

basic tools

easy accesability

hardware: diy cardboard googles
software: f.e. google cardboard app


professional tools

next level

hardware: oculus quest 2, 64gb
software: gravity sketch

pics: ©oculus, ©gravity sketch


virtual bib

research pool

virtual library of spatial experiences for existing and fictional, possible and impossible spaces and objects.